JI Demonstration in Japan, 1951

Before learning more about TWI, please prepare yourself to think in a radically different way about continuous improvement, yet realize you are coming back around to the basics of sound management and leadership skills. There is nothing new to the world here, but perhaps only new to us.

This new wrinkle on the face of management practice is older than many of us working in today's manufacturing plants, indeed, is older than most manufacturing companies today and even has roots in the early days of U.S. industry. However, the most startling discovery of the program is how its core philosophy has a heavy influence in the evolution of the Japanese genba leader and senior management skills during the post-war occupation period.

If you think there is something missing in your lean transformation, there probably is, and it that something is probably TWI thinking. The kind of thinking we are referring to here is of the critical sort and TWI gets at the heart of this, giving your managers the skill to transform the culture of your organization, regardless of industry; manufacturing, healthcare, construction - anywhere a person does a job.

If you want your leadership with the right lean job skills: thinking about and improving safety, quality, cost, delivery and productivity of your products or services in the workplace, than TWI is one part of the answer. This is the premier source for Training Within Industry content, which puts the powerful tools of "the most under-rated achievement of the 20th century" into the hands of every person, every where.

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